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Our training programme also includes the following workshops:
  • Basic sales training
  • Advanced sales training
  • Sales training for professionals
  • Effective telephone sales
  • Cold calling
  • Basic sales training
  • Sales consultant motivation training
  • Sales consultant support – coaching

  • Performance enhancement through pro-active after-sales canvassing
  • After-sales customer loyalty instruments

Customer relationship management
Customer relationship management as a customer loyalty instrument
  • Successful customer relations for senior staff
  • Strong in the market: the role of the technical customer service team
  • Communication for sales engineers part I and II
  • Trade fair training
  • Debt collection management

Customer contact optimisation tools

  • Consultations
  • Optimisation of external and internal customer relationships through convincing presentation
  • Conflict training
  • Telephone advice - complaints management
  • Customer contact - compact training for professionals
  • Customer-centricity and telephone techniques

Debt collection management
  • Payment deadline optimisation
  • Targeted and fast payment assurance

Project management
  • A practical introduction to basic project management
  • Project management - how to make projects efficient and successful

  • Basic management
  • Employee evaluation and development training for managers
  • Successful together - basic team training for managers
  • Successful together - empowerment training for managers and sales consultants
  • Tools for success - seminar for managers
  • Management coaching
  • Conducting talks
  • Employee appraisal interviews as a management tool
  • Motivation by delegation
  • Management by target agreement

Efficient teamwork
  • Team development in a change process
  • The organisation, optimisation and communication of work processes

  • Improving communication - resolving conflicts
  • Talking to each other: success through targeted communication
  • Working with each other: success through targeted communication

Human resources
  • Basic personnel management
  • Efficient employee selection
  • The recruitment interview
  • Designing and implementing assessment centres

Working methods
  • Time management
  • Basic presentation techniques and rhetoric exercises
  • Advanced rhetoric and presentation training
  • Creative thinking - brainstorming
  • Optimising meetings
  • Team guidance and management by moderation



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